Fire stopping

This gypsum based mortar fire stopping for walls and floors is a factory controlled premix based on Gypsum plaster and Vermiculite designed specifically to stop the spread of smoke and fire through openings in fire rated  floors and walls. GFS 1000 is easy to install. Specifications for installation can be found in our downloadable manual. Water and traditional skills are all that is required on site.


GFS1000 will seal apertures around penetrating services such as pipework, cable trays, electrical and fibre optic cables and ducting, no matter how complex the opening. Openings to be fire stopped may be of an irregular shape and GFS 1000 easy facilitates localised removal and reinstatement where subsequent additional penetrations are required.

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We have a list of international licensees and applicators trained and supported by Firespray International. Together with them, we are there to ensure that our systems and products meet the project specifications and scheduling at all times.