Acoustic applications

Mandolex is specifically designed to provide an efficient means of suppressing panel vibration and as a result, vibration generated noise.  As such, it has been extensively specified for use in tunnels, underground stations, lift carriages, on rain screens and passenger carrying vehicles etc.


The coating is formulated for easy application to materials commonly used in the fabrication of panelling surfaces such as primed steel, stainless steel, aluminium and vitreous enamel.  It is easily applied around complex shapes and once cured, its selective grading of inorganic fillers and polymeric binders are able to absorb and disperse vibration and other sound waves through its applied layers.


Mandolex also meets the requirements of Class ‘0’  to BS 476 parts 6 & 7 fire propagation over non-combustible substrates.  it is water based and if subjected to fire, exhibits little smoke or zero toxic fume emissions. An extremely efficient panel damping material, effective in the suppression of vibration and vibration generated noise. The selective grading of its various inorganic material fillers, dispersed in a polymeric binder not only limit vibration and therefore the generation of sound, but also dampens sound waves passing through the Mandolex layer.

Use: Tunnels, Underground stations, Lift carriages, rain screens, passenger carrying vehicles,… .

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