Dehli Metro Project



On record as being the quickest concept to completion under and overground metro system. Flamebar BW11 was used on this project even though a cladding system had been originally chosen. Project price, construction and time restraints did not allow for this application so the Flamebar BW11 system was selected and finished ahead of schedule. Delhi Metro is a world-class metro. To ensure reliability and safety in train operations, it is equipped with the most modern communication and train control system. It has state-of-art air-conditioned coaches. Ticketing and passenger control are through Automatic Fare Collection System, which was introduced in the country for the first time. Travelling on the Delhi Metro is a pleasure with trains ultimately available at three minutes frequency. Entries and exits to metro stations are controlled by flap doors operated by ‘smart-cards’ and contactless tokens. For the convenience of commuters an adequate number of escalators are installed at metro stations. A unique feature of Delhi Metro is its integration with other modes of public transport, enabling the commuters to conveniently interchange from one mode to another. To increase ridership of Delhi Metro, feeder buses for metro stations are operating. In short, Delhi Metro is a trendsetter for such systems in other cities of the country and in the South Asian region.

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