Mid-Valley Shopping Centre



The Garden, in Mid-Valley City, is a massive mixed-use development, including a retail area, high-rise office blocks, hotels, luxury residential buildings and basement car parks, all protected by Flamebar BW11 fire resistant ductwork. The complex is one of the largest shopping and commercial centres in Asia. Because of its size and large number of users, the Malaysian fire authority and consultants required the highest-quality, but cost effective, internationally-recognised smoke extraction system. Flamebar BW11 fire resistant ductwork was chosen for The Garden’s basement car parks, providing a four-hour smoke extraction system. In addition, Flamebar BW11 fire resistant ductwork was used for the kitchen extracts, the retail area, hotels and office buildings. Specifically designed four-hour Flamebar BW11 fire-rated cable enclosures were also devised, further enhancing the fire protection of one of the most popular shopping destinations in Malaysia.

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