The Palace of Westminster



Fire Protection installed a Flamebar BW11 extract system in the House of Lords kitchens at world heritage building, the Palace of Westminster. Heritage buildings provide their own unique set of challenges, such as spatial restrictions and a lack of drawings. Fire Protection was chosen to supply, install and insulate the extract ductwork in the new kitchens due to its reputation for technical and engineering expertise, crucial for a project requiring the sympathetic handling of such an iconic building. Prior to embarking on the project, Fire Protection carried out a detailed survey, which, combined with the flexibility of the Flamebar BW11 and Fire Protection’s extensive expertise, ensured the successful installation of the new kitchen extract system. Flamebar BW11 was specified as it meets the exacting demands of a wide range of applications. For the specific requirements of a world heritage building, such as The Palace of Westminster, the system ensures that, in the event of fire, compartmentation is maintained, thereby stopping the spread of fire – a vital requirement in such a historic building.

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