Fire resistant applications

We are the manufacturer of the world’s leading fire rated duct system: FLAMEBAR.


Alongside we are offering an all-embracing range of passive fire protection systems encompassing: fire ducting, fire resistant sealant, gasket and fire stopping. We offer solutions suited for every project (Stability, Integrity and Insulated systems and also combined hybrid systems). Tested to Standards BS476-24, EN1366-1, 8, 9 and EN15882.


Fire stopping

GFS1000 is a fire stopping gypsum based mortar for both walls and floors. Easy installation and will seal apertures around penetrating services such as ducting, cable trays, pipework, electrical and fibre optic cables irrespective of the degree of complexity within the opening.


Acoustic applications

We offer solutions for the suppression of vibration and vibration generated noise: an efficient panel damping material named MANDOLEX.


In many of today’s buildings ambient noise can be an issue. This is why we developed AUDEX, a sound absorption coating to limit reverberation in confined spaces.

Firespray Flamebar products follow the highest standards