At Firespray international, we are innovators of fire resistant ductwork coating, fire stopping and acoustic technology.


As a global leader, we focus on a project and customer based approach. We pride ourselves on our durable solutions, which are specially formulated to also be environmentally friendly.


With a head office in the UK and satellite branches in both Belgium and Singapore, alongside and an extensive network of licensees, we are present all over the world and are well positioned to provide technical and commercial assistance to every particular project and environment.


We have a continuous research and development programme to ensure that our products meet the specific standards and local requirements, by constantly providing new solutions to the industry. Our products are exhaustively tested to meet British, European, and US standards.


At Firespray International, we provide innovative solutions for fire resistant and acoustic applications.


Firespray international is part of the incendin group: a market leader in both passive and active fire protection systems. We implement technology, develop, produce en sell environmentally friendly tailor made chemical agents for the firesafety market.

Part of the incendin group

Firespray is part of the Incendin group: a market leader in both passive and active fire protection systems.

We develop and produce environmentally responsible chemistry for both Passive (flame retardant and fire resistant materials) and Active (fire extinguishing agents) Fire Protection solutions.

We serve our customers with fully integrated, tailor-made solutions, partnering from initial R&D to just-in-time deliveries, based on deep application knowledge, production know-how, recognized brands and strong intellectual property.